jeep wrangler jk diagnostic codes

Insert your key and turn the ignition to the On position without starting the vehicle. Then, push the key into the ignition cylinder and (while holding it in) turn it to Off then On three times – making sure to end in the ON position. When done correctly, as the key finishes in the On … [Read more…]

new week, new work

After nine years working in the mobile phone industry, I will be starting a new job this coming week. Although my new employment has nothing in common with my previous job, I will be able to utilize my mad set of skillz. I won’t disclose any names at the moment, simply because I have no … [Read more…]

sorry for the whacked links

If you’ve found your way here from a LinkedIn or Twitter post or somewhere like that, and you can’t find the article referenced – I’m sorry. I have been playing with code on here, and I have unselected sharing to social sites before I post – WP is messed up, not me. If you hit a … [Read more…]

uh oh .. hot dog

A fantastic gallery of fine artwork from a very skilled artist! … enjoy! …   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]