So, what’s this site all about?

This domain has been owned by me since 2003 – initially by my company, and then personally since 2009. The space has been used mostly as a sandbox while I work on websites and web applications – it stays out of the public eye while I’m working on things.

When I left my company in 2008 because of relocation I decided to turn this into my voice on the web. There have been many iterations of websites on here, but I’m pretty sure things will stay as they are now.

I have been engaged in the world of computers since the 8-bit Atari and Commodore systems of the late 1980’s, and have had a very successful career with computers, networks and computer-security as my focus. Within the last few years my attention has shifted slightly, but I have never forgotten my tech-savvy roots.

I still work on many computers to this day, although it’s not in the professional capacity as it was in the past (soon …). Because of this, my site will be used as a two-way communication between myself, and people who trust me with their electronics. If and when anything changes in my professional life, you will hear about it here first.

On that note … if your computer is acting funky, give me a yell.