It has been many years since spyware/malware introduced its ugly face on the Internet; and many people are still fooled by it every day. If you have clicked something you shouldn’t have, don’t feel bad about it – Spyware is designed to look very authentic, and it can fool the best of the best.

Typical methods of Spyware/Malware prevention are:

  • use a good anti-virus package, and keep it updated
  • do not follow links in suspicious email
  • do not believe rogue websites that tell you “[infection name] has been detected, click here to remove it” – close the browser window, don’t even click where it says Click here to close.
  • never install applications that are “required” to view a picture or video. The exception to this may be if a friend sends you a video, you may need a special application to view it. The bad kind are links on the Internet where we “just cannot believe what somebody has done OMG, click here to install VideoViewer to watch!!!”
  • on the previous topic – never click to ANY sites just can’t believe what somebody did. The only thing that happens is you may infect your computer.
  • NEVER pay a ransom to get your data back!

Doing the exact opposite to what is listed above seems to be the most common ways I’ve seen infection spread. This infection can be removed 99% of the time. If you’ve stumbled across something like this and can’t get rid of it – contact me.