The computer’s System Registry is basically a single place where all the settings for Windows, and installed applications are written. Damaging the system registry can mean your computer is non-operational unless you have a backup – you don’t get a second chance here most times!

To begin backing up or restoring the system registry you will have to run Regedit. This is accomplished by pressing Win+R, type regedit and press Enter. If you see a User Account Control pop-up, just click Yes to proceed.


To backup the registry click File, and then Export. To restore a saved registry file you would select Import of course. The next window will allow you to name your backup file, and select if you wish to export the entire registry, or parts of it. If this is your first backup I’d suggest selecting the entire registry.


I usually suggest keeping a copy of a registry backup in two different spots on your hard drive, or a copy on your external backup solution if you use one.