You may have had your computer serviced, and you are wondering what those apps are that now appear on your desktop? Every effort has been made to help keep your computer running at peak performance, and sometimes software is installed to help with that task. Here is a list of everything that may be installed – utilities to help keep your computer optimized. If you see something other than what is listed here – it was installed by somebody/something else.

CCleaner – tool for cleaning your PC –


This utility aids in removing all the unnecessary files your computer is cluttered with. Anything removed by CCleaner is not needed by your PC for normal operating conditions, and you are presented with a validation option before each cleaning process is carried out. We suggest you keep this utility up-to-date, and run it for every 30 hours of browsing you perform.


Avast Antivirus – antivirus and browser monitor –

avastIf your computer had no antivirus (AV) package previously installed, there is a good chance we installed this. Avast is a Free, all-purpose, realtime virus and spyware scanner. If you ever run across an infection while browsing, you will be warned, and Avast will simply keep the infection out of the computer. Your current AV package will never be removed in favour of Avast. If you subscribe to a different AV package and this was installed, it probably means your currently installed AV software was defective. If this is the case, Avast will uninstall very clean so you can re-install the software of your preference.


My Computer – displays the contents of your PC – default icon included in Windows

Computer-iconIf you notice a new icon on your desktop that looks like this, it is just the default link to your computer contents we have made available on your desktop. Nothing was added to your computer to achieve this, it is the default explorer included in every version of Windows since Windows 95. If you wish to remove this from your desktop simply drag it to the Recycle Bin, or right-click the icon and select Delete. There is no harm or change to your computer by removing it. This was used as a convenience while your computer was being serviced, and it was simply left on your desktop as a convenience to you.


Install Dropbox – public cloud storage utility –

dropboxIf this icon (or similar) appears on your desktop it is simply a link to sign-up with Dropbox – nothing is installed. Dropbox is a public cloud storage utility – allows you to store files or media on a cloud service. If you are unsure what a cloud service is, please read the article about clouds on this site. Dropbox is free to use, and by default gives you 2 GB of safe, private or public, reliable backup access from anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you wish to use this service, simply invoke the link and sign-up. Otherwise, drag this icon to the recycle bin, or right-click and select delete. You will not be asked again to sign-up to anything.


Spybot S&D – spyware scanner/cleaner –

spybotSpybot S&D (search and destroy) is a utility to find hidden spyware on your system and eradicate it. The version we may have installed on your PC is free to use, but there are upgrade options available if you wish to purchase this option.



If there are any other mysterious (non-Windows, and not listed above) icons on your desktop, they may have been installed by another application or website. Perhaps an infected device on your network has installed something without your knowledge? If something like this has happened, please get in touch so we can explore this before it becomes an issue.